Me, after telling myself i would only check out *two* books from the library. 

When in doubt, look for me behind the giant stack of books. 

Hey! I’m Lenna, and I love books. I read while eating, walking, cooking, brushing my teeth, etc. I haven’t figured out how to read while driving; thank goodness for audiobooks. Or car insurance. Either one is fine.

I’m pretty sure that food has magical properties that make books even better. Especially chocolate and ice cream and chocolate ice cream. Even though chocolate and ice cream tend to smear everywhere. Sacrifices must be made, right?

Some random facts about me: 

  • I play violin.
  • I like to draw with charcoal.
  • My favorite food is Vietnamese and Turkish.
  • I like Indie music.
  • My favorite author is Frances Hardinge, but I love dozens of others, too.
  • I’m the biggest food snob you’ll probably ever meet.
  • I’m a hopeless romantic.

Some random facts about this blog: 

  • I mostly review YA Historical Fiction and Fantasy.
  • My reviews are always spoiler-free.
  • I never review sequels or books that are already extremely popular.
  • I may or may not barrage you with requests that you read Frances Hardinge’s books.
  • This blog is pleasantly vanilla.
  • My favorite thing about blogging is talking to people, so let’s be friends!