My Worst Reading Habits // Someone please take Overdrive AWAY from me.

I  have really some terrible habits when it comes to reading.

I’m also really terrible at coming up with introductions for my blog posts, so, tragically, there isn’t going to be one.

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  1. Starting 51270 books at once and only finishing a couple

Seriously. I use Overdrive, which is an app that lets me download e-books from my library. It’s super nice and I LOVE it, but I always end up downloading upwards of five books at once… and they expire in 21 days. So then I start ALL of them…

… and usually only finish one or two because I am fickle and easily distracted.


2. Constantly being several reviews behind on Goodreads

Sometimes life is kind and lets me read a few books a week. Which is really amazing. But THEN I get super behind on my reviews and end up having to write five at once. Right now I’m about ten reviews behind, and I’ve pretty much given up on life. 😥

3. Checking out 41234 books from the library all at once

This is IN ADDITION to the e-books.

And then I only have time to read ~1 3/4 of a book. (It happens!?!)

Someone please save me from myself.

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4. Not finishing series

Spoiler: I HATE HATE HATE series. I don’t even know why. I think it’s because 1) If I read a book before the sequel comes out I lose interest the next book(s) and 2) Usually, the book really isn’t complicated enough for it to need a series. #secretlysometimeshatesYA

And if I DO finish a series, it takes forever. But miraculously, I finished the Six of Crows series, and am still grateful.

Here is a sample of some sequels I need to read (and probably never will):

  1. A Torch Against the Night
  2. The Rose and the Dagger
  3. Spindle
  4. The Diviners

And JUUUST to make you hate me,

5. Harry Potter

But really, the list goes on and on and ON.

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5. Succumbing to ridiculous temptations

For example, Me: [This ARC comes out in August. This ARC came out in March. And this library book was due yesterday.]

*reads August ARC*

And, Me: [This book is on sale for $8 dollars. Buy it.]

Also Me:  [I read AND HATED that book.]

 Me: [It’s pretty.]

  Also me: *buys book*

And last, Me: [This is THE MOST hyped book of 2017. Read it.]

Also me: [I hate that genre.

                                   …and that author

                                                   …and that series

                                                                         …and that cover.]

Also me: *reads book. hates it.*

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6. Not reading enough classics

I really don’t have an excuse for this. But classics are sometimes boring. And I like Fantasy and Victorian murder mysteries.

7. Being super nitpicky while reading

I like to ANALYZE. But sometimes I go slightly overboard… and don’t enjoy the book because I analyzed it to pieces. Then sadness ensues.

And that (hopefully) is all.

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Do you have any bad reading habits? Do you relate to any of these? And also, am I the ONLY one who has this issue with finishing series??

32 thoughts on “My Worst Reading Habits // Someone please take Overdrive AWAY from me.

  1. You know me on my I haven’t finished this series problem. WHICH I AM CURRENTLY AMENDING THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I do the same with ARCs too. Like oh, I should have read that one thing a month ago?? *reads ARC that doesn’t release until 6 months from now* WHY AM I THE WAY I AM?? Hahaha I think someone somewhere is very amused by me.

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  2. I absolutely relate and if you read my Sunday Commentary from two weeks ago, I actually talk about Overdrive, ARCs and books I just want to read. How do you choose? He due dates make it almost impossible to finish a book. I FEEL you! Truly!

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  3. I’m always behind on reviews, it’s hard to keep up! I agree with your list, especially the one about series. Everyone seems to love series but I can also really enjoy them if the first book was like a 5 star book.

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  4. HARRY POTTER?! You haven’t finished Harry Potter?! I don’t know if we can be friends!

    Just kidding. 😉

    I find series to be a struggle too, especially YA. I missed a ton of releases over the past few years, so I’ve been lucky enough to read whole trilogies/series straight through, and I’m convinced that’s the way to go, even if I have to wait a while for the next book/s to come out. (Unless I love the author. Then I won’t be able to resist.)

    Also, I hardcore relate to checking out too many library books. I have at least 20 right now…and I’ve read less than half. Oops.

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    1. I know. It’s terrible. 😉

      I think so too! I lost interest so easily, so having them all on hand makes it much easier to actually get to them. Loving the author does make things easier though.

      I know. It’s ridiculous. I have a whole overdue stack that I haven’t even touched x’D.


  5. I didn’t finish Harry Potter either. I just couldn’t get into it, although I didn’t try very hard, and now I feel like it’s too late to start. (That, and I’m pretty lazy)

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  6. Ahah this is such a great post! I can relate to A LOT of these. I’m ALWAYS behind on my reviews so you are not alone in this: I just read too quickly and don’t have time to write down my reviews, and well…I’m not going to wait to have time to start another book, I just can’t do that ahah. I guess I’m a little less than 5 reviews behind for now which is okay but…Still a bit overwhelming.
    I really, reaaaaaaaally hope you’ll finish reading Harry Potter! And The Wrath and The Dawn series. Both are fantastic, really ❤ ❤ ❤

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    1. Haha, thank you!! I think that’s my problem; I can finish a book in a day, so I just can’t keep up with reviews! Good luck catching up!!
      I will eventually finish TWATD, but I don’t know about Harry Potter xD. *whispers* I think it’s overrated… *prepares to be exiled from the book world*

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      1. Good luck to you too! 😀
        Haha oh, well as long as you’re not criticizing everything in a mean way, fine by me, we can’t all love the same books! But did you watch / enjoy the movies, or not either? 🙂

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      2. Oh okay 🙂 Well I don’t think we all should like the same things so…I won’t be the one screaming at you if you don’t read the books, promise 😛


  7. Oh gosh, I’m terrible at reading newer books first too and leaving older review copies for books I’m super excited about. I rarely go back and read them after that. What about when you’re reading a book and a new book you really want to read is released, often I end up not finishing the book I’m reading because the excitement is too much. I’ve never heard of Overdrive before, I’m assuming it might be for US libraries? I really need to finish a few of those series off as well, hopefully you can get around to reading them soon. It’s the downside of a series, but the time the next book releases, you’re pretty much over it.

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    1. I know! It’s so hard! I definitely abandon books because of excitement. Plus, my miniscule attention span combined with my mood reading makes it really hard to stick to books sometimes xD.
      I know there’s Overdrive in some countries besides the US, but I’m not sure which.
      Haha, yeah! It’s frustrating to have to wait so long. I lost excitement.


  8. Same! I have four books out from the library right now, plus I haven’t finished the one book I started about a week ago, but don’t really like so I have been reading all the other stuff before it. I’m not going to say any names, but *cough* Carve The Mark *cough*. And I reeeeally need to read more classics, because most of the time I love them.

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  9. Oh my gosh, don’t get me started on the amount of reviews I’m behind on!! 😵😳 IF YOU THOUGHT 5 WAS BAD….
    But nooooo Harry Potter!! WHY. 😭😂 Though The Rose and the Dagger is amazing so I’m glad you’re planning on finishing that one! Lovely post ahah. ❤

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  10. All of these are so relatable! I’m addicted to overdrive too and I love the library but half the time I don’t finish the books before there due. And I have a problem of starting multiple books at once then getting really into one of them and forgetting about the other for months. Basically I make bad bookish decisions.

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  11. Ugh I used to be really annoyed when I couldn’t finish a series. The solution was simple. Not read until all the books were out, but I just couldn’t help myself! I like to think I’ve gotten better now. I pay much more attention to the books I read, the number of books in the series. And I pick the series I’ll read very carefully. I mean, I want to read them all, but I choose which ones I can stand to read the first book, and which ones I can’t and need to wait for so BINGE READING can happen.

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