Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

Thick as Thieves (The Queen's Thief, #5)
This is one of those unfortunate covers that is much less pretty in real life.

Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

Rating: 3 Stars

Release Date: May 16, 2017

Genre: YA Fantasy

Deep within the palace of the Mede emperor, in an alcove off the main room of his master’s apartments,. Kamet minds his master’s business and his own. Carefully keeping the accounts, and his own counsel, Kamet has accumulated a few possessions, a little money stored in the household’s cashbox, and a significant amount of personal power. As a slave, his fate is tied to his master’s. If Nahuseresh’s fortunes improve, so will Kamet’s, and Nahuseresh has been working diligently to promote his fortunes since the debacle in Attolia.

A soldier in the shadows offers escape, but Kamet won’t … continue reading

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This is one of those books that is extremely hard to review because it really is a very good book; I just didn’t like it.

*frowns dejectedly*

I’ve heard nothing good about this series, so I was excited about this new standalone that is set in the same world.

I think the best thing about this book is the worldbuilding. I really enjoyed how complex and unique it is, and Turner clearly took a lot of care crafting it. It really feels like a whole other world, but that is just as real as ours.

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I also thought the characters were very well developed. I absolutely HATE two dimensional characters, and none of these were that. I also thought the relationships between the characters were really complex and interestingly portrayed, and for a lot of them, there was a lot more than met the eye.

That being said, I hated all the characters. Which is weird, because I generally really *like* unlikable characters, and these definitely were. What I don’t like is annoying characters, and all of them especially KAMET UGH HE WAS SO OBNOXIOUS were rather tiresome. Kamet especially just never. stopped. WHINING. and I really don’t know why. I also couldn’t tell how old any of the characters were, and for some reason that really bothered me! Sometimes I thought Kamet was about twelve, but in other parts it was obvious he was actually like… 25. So I just don’t know.

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This is a very slow book. It is not like the average fast-paced YA fantasy. It is what I normally like to see in a plot: slow, complex, layered. Except, for some reason, this book constantly put me to sleep. I had a really hard time following what was going on, or caring about what was going on. In fact, I still have no idea what the end goal was.

I think a lot of that plays into the fact that I hate traveling plots. They just feel so pointless!! I hate reading about people traveling, and seeing as Thick as Thieves was approximately 85% traveling across the country, I was honestly destined to dislike it. So if you like books where the main characters are on a quest for most of the time, this might be for you!!

And finally, I just don’t care for Megan Whalen Turner’s writing style. She is a very skilled writer, but I just cannot connect to it. Her prose is very straightforward and simple, and while I can see others really liking it for those reasons, I just prefer more emotion and description. So that one’s really just a personal preference.

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What kinds of plots do you like best? What kind of prose do you like? How do you feel about unlikable characters? Have you read this series, or do you want to? Let me know in the comments!

*There is some occasional very light profanity.

**Thank you so much to the publisher and my bookstore for the ARC!

6 thoughts on “Thick as Thieves by Megan Whalen Turner

  1. Ack traveling plots tend to be sooo boring. Like I don’t care about how bad your feet hurt, sorry.
    You know I love unlikable characters. I love when they’re morally grey and messed up but still have like at least ONE redeeming quality. Whining when it’s just absolutely not warranted is annoying. Maybe Kamet needs a facebook to go be angsty on like me in middle school. 😉 Or a fracken diary or something for plums sake!
    I tend to like concise writing more than flowery cotton candy prose, but I DO appreciate in depth descriptions and portrayals of emotions! I am an emotional whirl wind, I like when my characters are also because #relatable 😛
    I like character driven stories, if I can’t like the character, well…NOPE CAN’T DO IT SORRY.

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    1. At least they didn’t still smell good after like a year of walking. That is SUCH a big peeve of mine.
      I normally do too, so I don’t know what went wrong!! Kamet definitely needs facebook. He’s a total millennial stuck in the wrong world/century. And yes I know I’m bashing myself, but shh ;).
      If you like really concise writing you’d probably like this!! It was definitely not flat or devoid of description, I just wanted mooore xD.
      Yep. Characters almost always make or break a book for me!
      ps. I’m totally calling verbose writing cotton candy writing from now on!!


  2. Lenna, isn’t this book number five in a series? Do you have to read the first four in order for this one to make sense? I thought I might read it – only because you often like what I don’t and vice versa – but if I have to read the first four I’m less inclined to give it a try.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is number five, but it is also a standalone. The author’s note at the beginning says you can read it first or the other books first. So you should be fine!


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