Best Treats to Eat While Reading Different Genres

Back when I was deciding whether or not to start a book blog (was that really only months ago?? It feels like FOREVER.) I had two goals in mind. 1) To have a candy themed book blog and 2) to grow my blog insanely quickly so I could start my business quickly. (It’s a secret business. I’ll (hopefully) talk about it eventually.)

Yeah, I pretty much failed.


But since I still love my original idea (even though I BETRAYED it for FLOWERS and GLITTER) I made this list of the best desserts and treats to eat while reading, organized by genre.

I don’t really eat while reading very much, but eeevery once in a while I happen to have chocolate…and what goes better with chocolate than a book?? Spoiler: Nothing.

*Disclaimer: This post is likely to cause intense bouts of hunger.

fantasy treat graphic

fantasy treats

Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate cake


Cheesecake (Plain cheesecake. No toppings or ANYTHING. Yes, I know I’m weird.)

An entire DARK chocolate bar (Because obviously I have a problem, and WHO CAN STOP ME anyway??)

historicalfiction treat graphic.png

historical fiction treats

Chocolate chip cookies

MILK chocolate

Ice Cream (Any kind!)

Sandwiches (I don’t know?? I really, really like sandwiches??)

contemporary treat graphic.png

contemporary treats



Fruit Snacks (Confession time: I absolutely LOVE fruit snacks. I don’t even know why.)

Pizza (Look! Something that *almost* comes close to healthy!)

Smoothies (Look! Something that *actually* comes close to healthy!)

Taffy (because it’s colorful… and you can stretch it out and cram it into your mouth while you read and what is wrong with me.)

sciencefiction treat graphic.png

sciencefiction treats.png

Goldfish (Now you’re probably wondering if this blog is actually run by a five year old. Sometimes I wonder that too.)

Cupcakes… (I don’t know – I almost never read sci-fi xD.)

talk to me page graphic

Do you ever eat while reading? If you do, what do you like to eat? And am I the only one who likes to eat certain foods with certain genres? Also, why do I like to eat certain foods with certain genres?

16 thoughts on “Best Treats to Eat While Reading Different Genres

  1. Oh my gosh, I am definitely bookmarking this post. I’m always looking for new snacks to eat while reading. I love the goldfish idea…my kids had some of those here the other day so I was eating those while I was reading, too…sometimes it’s okay to be 5 =]

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  2. Sour gummy worms in an alarmingly high amount! I love food. Now I want pizza. Also, fruit snacks are THE BEST THING I LOVE THEM. To be totally honest, I just really love food. If you’re secret business idea is to make book-themed desserts SIGN ME UP TO BE A TASTE TESTER AND IMMEDIATELY SO I CAN BUY ALL OF THE THINGS. That’s all.

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    1. AHH THOSE ARE THE BEST. AND FRUIT SNACKS ARE UNDERRATED. Food is actually just the best thing ever??
      Also, KRIS HOW DO YOU READ MY MIND. No, it’s not exactly that, but it’s pretty close xD. I might just take the leap soon and talk about it, see what people think?? (Even though I have a tiny audience, but I love my idea too much!!)

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  3. I have never thought of food by genre before, but I somehow it totally make sense! And sandwiches with historical fiction? Brilliant! I’m doing it. Also, I know why you love fruit snacks, because they are the best! There you go, life questions answered by yours truly.

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  4. That is SO COOL that you coordinate food with reading! I actually never read + eat because I’m not coordinated enough.๐Ÿ˜‚I’m too scared of getting my pages messy haha. But I do like to drink hot chocolate and read when it’s cold weather. I imagine cosy hot chocolate would go well with like a wintery contemporary or something, right?! I love how you matched up these foods and genres though. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    1. I’ve definitely gotten pages messy before ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I totally agree! Hot chocolate sounds perfect with that kind of book! Haha, thanks! I’m glad you liked it.


  5. OMG I’m getting hungry just reading this post hahaha. But this is such a great idea. I don’t usually eat when I read, but if I’m ever hungry I’ll definitely keep these recommendations in mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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