March Wrap-Up // Book Haul (My sadness is immense) // I lied and THERE IS no candy

monthly wrapupWow, I can’t believe it’s only been a month since I started my blog!! It feels like it’s been FOREVER. And not only have I had SO MUCH FUN doing this, I have learned some things:

(Also, this wrap-up is really late, but THE SCHEDULE. I like my schedule.)

  • Blogging is SO TIME CONSUMING. Before I started, I had heard a lot of other bloggers talk about how much time and work went into book blogging, but I… didn’t actually believe them. But it really is a lot of work. I have to read (obviously) write reviews, take pictures, think up discussion topics, WRITE those discussion topics, FORMAT THE POSTS (!!!) and interact with other bloggers. BUT I LOVE IT ANYWAY. (except for the mess. Ew.)
  • It is okay to use your library. It does not make you a bad blogger. Kris at Lemon-Notes wrote a wonderful post about this, and it was nice to know that other bloggers feel the same way!!
  • Bookstagram is ridiculously fun, but like I said, it takes an INSANE amount of time. Also, the mess is ridiculous.

Also, I have completely changed my blog’s design. First the header images looked like this:

poison's kiss blog head

Then they looked like this.

the startouched queen bookstagram
I still like this picture, BUT every. single. header image. had this same. exact. flower. setup. (I’m not exaggerating AT ALL) and it was SO PINK.

Then I decided my life was not boring enough and they ALL looked like this:

example header.png
ALL THIS GREY. I am sad just looking at it…

And finally I discovered the joy of taking my own pictures and I am immensely pleased with the way having unique pictures makes my blog look.

march wrap up collage.png

And I also made a new blog logo and some fun little graphics to go with my posts.


Needless to say, I am wondrously happy with the way my blog looks. I am also wondrously grateful for all you subscribers!!


book haul march.png

I was able to buy two books this month. And while I am saaad that I couldn’t buy more, I am also really grateful for the ones I did get. (Of course, I ended up returning THAT ONE BOOK but pfft. That means I get to buy an extra next month!!) Also, like I said, LIBRARIES ARE WONDERFUL and I checked out approximately 7564869 books this month.

And I also got some review copies, so that was exciting!! (Even though I didn’t like ANY of them.) Next month will be better. I posted a picture on of the new review copies I got on Saturday and I have not stopped screaming since.)


This was kind of a weird month and most of my free time was spent getting the blog up and running, taking pictures, having crisis- you know, fun stuff. So I only read 11 books, which is a lot fewer than normal. My goal for April is AT LEAST 15, but considering the exciting review copies I have/will be getting, my reading this month will probably result in 4785673 books subtracted from my TBR and one sleep-exhausted me.

*Clearly, I just can’t feature every book I read on my blog, but you can follow me on Goodreads, where I review EVERYTHING.

Also, You know how my blog is called Sugar Dusted Pages? Well. I originally started it with the intent of having dessert-themed book categories, rating system, etc.

I pretty much failed, and apparently roses and glitter have taken over my blog space?!?

So… even though there has not YET been any candy, there will be soon. Lots of it. *laughs evilly*.


What were the bookish highlights of your month?? Do you have any goals for conquering your TBR this April? What is your favorite thing about blogging, if you have one?

10 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up // Book Haul (My sadness is immense) // I lied and THERE IS no candy

  1. Congrats on your monthiversary for your blog! πŸ™‚ Looks like you had a pretty good reading month!

    I also clicked on your review for This Savage Song because that’s on my TBR. I’m glad you liked it! I LOVED the Darker Shades of Magic series by Victoria Schwab, so I’d definitely recommend that if you want more of her writing! πŸ™‚


    And holy cucumbers, you're killing it with 11 books in one month! I'm usually very lucky if I can get in 4. Don't go to college and be responsible. IT'S A TRAP. Any tips for reading faster? My word per minute count is not as daunting as I want it to be. Help me before I collapse due to finals, I will give you magical rewards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I loved your post, so thank you for writing it!! Four is pretty good!! I mean, you’re reading, so that’s all that really matters. About reading faster-I don’t really know. For me my reading speed usually depends on the book. And good luck with finals!! Those are the worst.

      Liked by 2 people

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