You Know You’re a Book Addict When…

I love books. I love petting books and looking at books reading books and everything about them. They’re just so magical and wonderful and I want to spend forever surrounded by all of them.

So! One day I realized I have an addiction – to books. So I have compiled a list of tell-tale signs so you can know if you too are addicted to books.I would like to point out that my addiction is deathly serious and probably fatal, so not all these things will apply to you. Count yourself lucky – while it lasts.

1. You visit the bookstore compulsively

And I don’t always even buy books. I get ARCs from my local bookstore and the faster I read them the more I can have so… yeah. And then after I pick up my ARCs I lurk in the shelves stroking the books because I am too poor to take them home with me. *sobs*

2. You pet your books and whisper adoring words to them

Yes, I know, this is really weird. But I love to hold my books! They are so beautiful and precious and pettable. And their covers are gorgeous. Sometimes I wonder if I spend more time looking at books than actually reading them. But do you not see why??

the startouched queen bookstagram.jpg

and i darken bookstagram.jpga thousand nights bookstagram.jpg

FYI I was extremely proud of myself after I took these, sooo…

3. You stalk Bookstagram endlessly

I felt I really had no need for Instagram, and then I discovered Bookstagram. And now I spend way too much time just staring at endless pictures of books and book merch and more books… because books are beautiful.* Now my life basically consists of looking at book portraits, being envious of book portraits, taking my own book portraits, wailing because I don’t have enough books and others’ book portraits are prettier and WHY IS LIFE SO UNFAIR, reading, and scheming while I wait to be able to do all those things again.

*Coincidentally, this discovery of Bookstagram GREATLY INFLUENCED my discovery of the beauty that is book covers. And I became a shallow coverworshiper. SEE?!? IT'S NOT MY FAULT.
4. You see authors as celebrities and think books should get as much attention as movies and music

I basically live under a rock and don’t know anything about anything remotely related to being cool or having an understanding of what’s cool, but who cares? I know which authors are super famous and which aren’t but should be and which books are deserving of adoration. If you asked me who my favorite celebrity is, I’d probably scream and excitedly drench you with words about some random author you’ve never heard of. If you asked me what my favorite type of music is I’d probably mutter incoherently about crows and criminals.

5. You spend 99.9% of your money on books

Okay, I don’t really do this. But I might as well because sometimes, when I am petting holding my precious books and realizing I own exactly one pair of pants, I feel I should seriously reconsider some of my life choices. BUT THERE ARE SO MANY BOOKS. I want to own and worship them all.

6. Your TBR pile is a source of misery

Actually, I don’t hate my TBR. But only because my love of books prevents me from wanting to murder it. But it’s SO RUDE because sometimes I’m convinced it wants to murder me.

  • My physical library books are never as exciting as my e-library books so they sit on the shelf angrily while I procrastinate reading them.
    • And somehow at least ten manage to follow me home every time I go to the library?!?
  • SPEAKING OF, my e-library books always check themselves out in droves. I currently have six on my phone and they ALL expire in approximately two weeks.
    • Which wouldn’t be a problem because I read way to fast for my own good but:
      • Aforementioned mean physical library books.
      • Owned books.
      • ARCs.
      • LOW BATTERY!!!!!!!
    • SO obviously I have NO TIME to read the exciting ebooks.
  • THE E-BOOKS DELETE AUTOMATICALLY WHEN THE EVIL LIBRARY DECIDES IT’S TIME FOR THEM TO COME HOME. Whether I’m finished or not. And then I watch in pain, tears streaming down my face, as my halfway finished evil fantasy book complex historical fiction fades away before my eyes.
  • If I buy books at all (remember: I am ridiculously poor, someone please help me) then I somehow manage to buy six at once and then they join the ranks of torture on my shelves.
7. You have a specific aesthetic when it comes to books

Actually maybe this is just me. And apparently my aesthetic is hardcovers that cost upwards of $7685432 because obviously my life is just too easy.

8. You refuse to stop buying books even when your shelves wail in agony

Or when your wallet wails in agony. I currently have approximately 50 hardcover books smashed where really only approximately five paperback books should fit. And yet for some reason I keep buying more even though I currently own only two shelves?!? Someone save me.

9. You refuse to ever get rid of books.

I mean, it’s hard enough to return library books. I grow attached?!? So WHY would I get rid of my own book?!? I sold a book once and it still haunts me. I saw it at the bookstore the other day and cried a little inside…

10. You wouldn’t trade any of this for anything.

I love my books and reading books and everything about being a bookworm.

So tell me! What are some of your bookish qualities??

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