Review: Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter


Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

Rating: 4 Stars

Well, this is quite possibly most bizarre thing I have ever read – and I loved it!!

I went in to Vassa in the Night knowing it would be weird. But I definitely wasn’t expecting bodiless hands, convenience stores that dance on chicken feet, and soda that can repair a chopped up body. So needless to say, if you decide to read this, expect it to be weird and not make any sense AT ALL. It was still wonderful though.

Night is beginning to feel like my own heart dissolved into a black solution, a tender     medium holding me close.

Vassa is quite an enjoyable narrator. She’s sweet and kind and occasionally hilarious, but she also has flaws and makes mistakes. And her talking doll, Erg, is SO WONDERFUL. She is sarcastic and broody and hilarious and a sweetheart. She was by far my favorite character. The other characters were very fleshed out as well; Vassa’s sister Chelsea was interesting and caring, Vassa’s father was absolutely bizarre but really well written. And of course there’s Babs Yagg, (the witch Baba Yaga), who is absolutely insane. Vassa’s mother is the one character who I didn’t really feel I knew as much about, but she was still fascinating.

The whole story is just fascinating and nonsensical. I familiarized myself with Vassilisa the Beautiful before I read Vassa in the Night, but still. The book rarely makes any sense, but the pretty writing ^^^and engaging characters and absolute strangeness of this book made up for that. So if you decide to read this, know it won’t make ANY SENSE half the time but that it is so. much. fun.

Synopsis – Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

In the enchanted kingdom of Brooklyn, the fashionable people put on cute shoes, go to parties in warehouses, drink on rooftops at sunset, and tell themselves they’ve arrived. A whole lot of Brooklyn is like that now—but not Vassa’s working-class neighborhood.

In Vassa’s neighborhood, where she lives with her stepmother and bickering stepsisters, one might stumble onto magic, but stumbling away again could become an issue. Babs Yagg, the owner of the local convenience store, has a policy of beheading shoplifters—and sometimes innocent shoppers as well. So when Vassa’s stepsister sends her out for light bulbs in the middle of night, she knows it could easily become a suicide mission.

But Vassa has a bit of luck hidden in her pocket, a gift from her dead mother. Erg is a tough-talking wooden doll with sticky fingers, a bottomless stomach, and a ferocious cunning. With Erg’s help, Vassa just might be able to break the witch’s curse and free her Brooklyn neighborhood. But Babs won’t be playing fair…

There is no sexual content, but there is the s word a couple times as well as some other minor swearing. And peoples’ heads get chopped off, so…yeah.

6 thoughts on “Review: Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

  1. Oooh. I never like Baba Yaga stories. As I started to read the review I thought “This sounds like Baba Yaga and I won’t like it!” I’m glad to be forewarned that I should avoid it. 🙂 Your review is fun, though.


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