Review: The Vanishing Season

18634726The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Rating: 5 Stars

This is what I think the world is showing me. We are souls at a common cause. We are only here to love. That was my great story all along. We are here to take chances, and fail, and keep trying.

You know that feeling when you lose the real world and fall tumbling into an imaginary one? When reality blends with magic and for a moment or an hour or a day you are floating inside a story? That is how I felt while reading The Vanishing Season.

This story made me feel sad in a way no other has. The writing is melodic and visual and the characters feel so real it’s hard to remember they’re not. And the book and the setting and the characters are lonely, and that made me feel lonely.

Also, DO YOU SEE THESE GORGEOUS QUOTES?!? The whole book is written like this. READ IT.

How do you lose the thread of your own story? The one you are supposed to know by heart?

Maggie is just like me. I don’t think I’ve ever said that about a character before. She’s quiet and thoughtful and careful. It was almost eerie reading about her because I felt like someone had looked into my soul with a magnifying glass and only just slightly distorted the image.

…she wanted the things other people wanted. She just carefully wanted them.

In The Vanishing Season Maggie falls in live for the first time. And it doesn’t work out the way you think it will, the way it should. But that’s Jodi Lynn Anderson for you. Every book of hers I’ve read has stomped all over my heart. But such a big part of this story is learning to let go and say goodbye.

Girls like Maggie were noticed once people looked closely, but most people didn’t look that close.

The side characters were just as developed. There’s Pauline, who floats along and can’t be still, but never really goes anywhere either. And it’s painful to watch. There’s Liam, who’s quiet and lonely and tied to Pauline like everyone says.

The ending is quiet and heartwrenching and perfect in all the wrong and right ways.UGH.

Here is a moment that sparkles hard like a diamond.

How does Anderson do it? Create an ending that is painful and wrong and so right?

There are stories that you never want to end. Stories you wish were real so much it hurts. This is not one of those. But it is beautiful.

Synopsis – The Vanishing Season by Jodi Lynn Anderson

I REFUSE to post the synopsis because it is an abomination. It makes the story seem like a ghost story/murder mystery. IT IS NOT EITHER OF THOSE. So. Please trust me and DO NOT read the synopsis unless you are prepared to read this without ANY expectations besides the wonderfulness that it is.

There is no swearing/sex.

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